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Model: Stefanie (Stevie) Smylie (@heyitsstevie_)
Location: Montreal, Quebec

The reason I visited Montreal in the first place was to reconnect and catch up with friends of mine from university, and focus less on the hustle of being a freelancer. But when in a city that just oozes creativity and being lucky enough to have friends like Stevie, there was little question regarding whether or not I should bring my camera to any and all endeavors.

The day started at one of the funkiest living complexes I had ever seen, Habitat 67. We almost immediately got kicked out of Habitat 67. So to lighten the mood we made our way to the iconic Orange Julep. Shout out to our dear friend and driver that day, Stefan, who may or may not have locked his keys in the trunk of his car. Sharing laughs, sips of julep, and waiting for a locksmith, I still had my camera out… so why not make the most of it? We were able to capture “Keyless Entry,” the 5th photo in this series and one of my most popular photos to date. Less viral, but equally satisfying, you can also find Stefan coming to terms with the day’s turn of events.