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Model: Leigh Dickson (@leighextra)
Make-Up: Leigh Dickson (@leighdickson)
Key Hair: Sara Schell (@hairby_schell)
Asst. Hair: Simmi Chahal (@simmichahal)
Assistant: Dylan Pickering (@dylanpickering)
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

To answer your first question, no. Leigh is not wearing a wig, and yes, she stands out in any room she enters. For all the best reasons. She has the aura of a rock star, radiates creativity, and is the first person to encourage those around her to unapologetically be themselves; as she leads by example. She was planning a road trip down the west coast of the States, looking to do lifestyle shoots along the way when I suggested why not start in Vancouver, where we’re both residing?

One trip to the local art store and confirming what colour her hair would be later, we had ourselves some ideas and an afternoon to enjoy creating together (alongside some incredible and talented company).