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Model: Nicole Glasnak (@nicoleglasnak)
Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

My final shoot of 2017. I had a day to kill in Florida coming up and, unsure if I even knew anyone in the area, I put out a story post on social media. Lo and behold, Nicole reached out! We had met earlier that year at VanSwim Fashion Show when she flew to Vancouver to wear & walk for a mutual friend’s swimwear line. I remember her being the “token American model,” but it had escaped me where exactly in the States she lived.

Now, Florida is a big place. And my Canadian self knew that, but I hadn’t known just HOW big it really is. Where is this going? Well, Nicole is simply an amazing human being, and on barely a day’s notice she was ready to hop in her car, and drive 4 hours to come spend the morning with me and shoot. All before turning around to drive another 4 hours to a work shift. BUT - her alarms didn’t go off, and by the time this became apparent, she couldn’t make the trip. The story should end here. It was a stroke of bad luck, and she tried to get the shift covered, but it was too short of notice. Insert some quote about not taking “no” for an answer here though!

Going back to our messages, this shoot was, and I quote, “meant to happen.” So a day later, same day I’m leaving, Nicole sets multiple alarms on multiple devices, and says she’ll make the drive out earlier than what we had originally planned for, to make it work. All you have to do is scroll down to realize she makes it. It felt surreal. A sunny December day I’ll never forget, Anderson .Paak on the aux cord, and radiant photography. All thanks in part to the internet, kind hearts, and being able to roll with the punches.

A takeaway, I guess, is that it takes the setbacks, and shitty moments in life for us to ask ourselves if we want to admit defeat, or if we’re going to adapt, and overcome. To ensure we get, and can properly enjoy the highs of life too. This isn’t about me or any challenges I faced by the way. I didn’t do shit. I was in Fort Lauderdale with no car to make the drive myself, and seemingly no time left to create. Nicole is one of those people that can (and did) adapt. I’m still trying to be. It was something I will not forget, and a gesture I hope to one day repay.